St VIVID garments are always crafted with quality in mind. Each piece is lovingly made with natural fibres and premium trims. St VIVID's bold signature designs are all printed on soft, GOTS certified, 100% Organic Cotton. For you this ultimately means each piece is extremely comfortable to wear, being soft on the skin and breathable. However, the benefits of Organic Cotton go well beyond the fabric itself, the environment will also thank you for it. 

 St VIVID Organic Cotton

What are the Benefits of Organic Cotton?

You may or may not be aware of the benefits of cotton clothes, but there are also many advantages of organic cotton as well. Have a read and it may just have you thinking twice about your next clothing purchase...

1. Cotton is a natural, breathable fibre that doesn't cause allergies and is comfortable to wear.

2. Using less synthetic fabric, which are made with petrochemicals that are unhealthy when worn against the skin. Additionally, synthetic fleece sheds plastic fragments called microfibers when we wash them at home, and have been shown to impact water quality and aquatic life.

3. Avoiding chemicals, as Organic Cotton clothing is grown safely and processed without toxic dyes and finishing materials, and it isn't treated with chemicals.

4. Conservation of natural resources; Better treatment of farmland means less new farmland must be created. Crop rotation, water usage and pollution are all minimized when farming organically.

5. Better lives for Cotton Farmers; Farm owners and their families all benefit from wide adoption of organic cotton - they are not exposed to chemical toxins and create more profits for their crops. Farmers also are able to grow food on their land when they use organic cotton growing methods - crop diversity is an important part of organic farming.

6. Fairer treatment of workers; GOTS-certified workplaces mean that workers have their human rights respected. People are hired to steady jobs with fair pay, and work in safe, hygienic conditions. These standards also prohibit coercion, discrimination, excessive hours, child labor and inhumane treatment.

7. Higher quality products; Because of the social criteria that GOTS-certified organisations observe, workers are fairly treated and not overworked. This value placed on individual’s leads to higher quality output from these workers. Additionally, a quality assurance system must be put in place, so processing, manufacturing and trading stages are all auditing.

8. Less corporate control of farms with GMOs; As Organic Cotton is produced from non-GMO seed.

What did you think? Were you aware of all of these benefits? We see choosing Organic Cotton as a positive choice for both you and the environment.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from certified organically produced raw materials. It includes strict environmental and social criteria for every step of manufacturing, not just for the organic farming process. 

Our GOTS certified products have taken an organic approach at every stage and have been reviewed by official certifiers to ensure they meet these very high standards. To find out more, visit the GOTS website.

GOTS Global Organic Textiles Standard

What is the Issue with Textile Processing?

Textile processing often results in the release of toxic chemicals into the air and water, as well as hazardous workplace situations. GOTS prohibits the use of the kinds of chemicals commonly used in textile processing that can cause many serious illnesses. Chemicals, like persistent hormone-disrupting substances, also destroy eco-systems and biodiversity on an international scale. GOTS requires that all dyes and auxiliaries must be assessed to its strict criteria and approved prior to their usage.